Principles of Freedom 101




Basic Principles of the Constitution

A few years ago, a wonderful patriot by the name of David O. McKay suggested that the best way to study the true principles of freedom is by comparing them, side-by-side, to the false philosophies. Two of the books written by W. Cleon Skousen, The Naked Communist and The 5,000 Year Leap, will help the students follow this advice. The student editions of these books will be used in this course.

Each class period will last 90 minutes. For approximately 30 minutes, the students will learn the concepts of communist, fascism, socialism, etc. We will then spend approximately 30 minutes studying the inspired principles of freedom incorporated into our Constitution by our Founding Fathers. The final 30 minutes will be spent studying current events and how these various principles are being practiced in the United States now.

Each “Principles of Freedom 101” course will last 14-16 weeks. To accommodate a wide variety of ever-changing schedules, participants will have access to recordings of the training broadcasts. Materials will be delivered to the students upon their registration.

After purchasing access, view this course on the Healing of America Student Portal.


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