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Learn the true intent of the Framers of the Constitution from seminars and courses offered by representatives of the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies!

Restoration Generation

The Restoration Generation is the group of millennial scholars within the Columbus Center who teach, organize events, and actively defend principles of the Constitution. We study the Constitution from the viewpoint of its Framers and stand out in our commitment to the principles of the Constitution and our resolve to preserve and perpetuate the rare gift of liberty.

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All seminars are currently offered as online broadcasts using Zoom Meetings. For those registering after the live seminars, recordings will be made available to registrants after each broadcast.

The first 12-hour seminar is entitled “God’s Hand in the Building of America,” subtitled “Raised Up For This Very Purpose.” This seminar rebuilds and rekindles within each person an appreciation of the fact that the Founding Fathers were truly inspired of God and that God’s hand was indeed in the settling and building of this great land. Not only will seminar participants be taught about the greatness of the American Founding Fathers, but they will also understand how the Lord graduated the Founders from His very unique “University of Hard Knocks!”

All Americans need to appreciate the manifest destiny that the God of heaven did not establish the first free people in modern times just to see them collapse into oblivion.

This country has to be a standard and model for the nations of the world, and we can only rise to the occasion as well as we understand our own purpose.


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In the second seminar, called “The Founders’ Charter of Freedom,” will be studying the entire Constitution from the viewpoint of the Founding Fathers. Participants will see that every aspect of the Constitution was based upon the Founders’ understanding of righteousness and timeless principles. It will become evident that the Constitution – as written and as intended by it’s Founders – is as appropriate and relevant today as it was when first implemented. It produces a truly free people who are able to achieve that which all mankind is seeking: FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, and PEACE.

Join with us as we discover the freedom formula embedded in the provisions and clauses of the Constitution.


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The third Seminar is entitled the “Attacks on the Charter of Freedom.” In this seminar we will study the people, the organizations, and the groups who have been using their time, resources, and talents to change the direction of America in order to serve their own special interests. This has allowed emotionalism and private interests to become the standard of measurement in the enacting of most recent laws.

The information in this seminar is not designed to spread despair or fear about the future of America, but will be an eye-opener to let us see how far our country has been allowed to go towards the destructive paths of Socialism.

Modern society will never be able to heal America without knowing what is causing it to be sick in the first place. It is interesting to note that the Constitution is seldom quoted or used anymore as a standard by which to measure proposed legislation. This has come about because, as Americans, too many have ceased to study the Founding Fathers’ formula for success.


The Columbus Center is pleased to offer courses on Constitutional Studies, International Studies, and History. These courses are available on our store. Our basics course, Principles of Freedom 101, is also available as a thank gift for those who make generous tax-deductible donations.

Recordings have been completed for several of the courses and many more will be added to the Student Portal soon! Course curriculums have been finished and more classes will be made available shortly. Click below to read the details for each class.

  • Principles of Freedom 101: Basic Principles of the Constitution
  • Principles of Freedom 201: God’s Hand in the Building of America
  • Principles of Freedom 202: The Founders’ Charter of Freedom
  • Principles of Freedom 301: The Making of the Constitution
  • Principles of Freedom 302: Understanding the Legislative Branch
  • Principles of Freedom 303: Understanding the Executive Branch
  • Principles of Freedom 304: Understanding the Judicial Branch
  • Principles of Freedom 305: The Union of the States and the Amendment Process
  • International Studies 101: Understanding the Middle East
  • International Studies 102: Understanding Latin America
  • International Studies 103: Understanding Asia
  • History 101: The Roots of America
  • History 102: The Influence of Religion in America
  • History 207: Christopher Columbus: Man of God or Man of Myth?
  • History 210: The Middle East in History and Prophecy
  • History 211: From the Atlantic to the Pacific: The Impact of the Panama Canal
  • History 230: Insights into the Life of Thomas Jefferson
  • History 231: Insights into the Life of George Washington
  • History 232: Insights into the Life of Benjamin Franklin
  • History 233: Insights into the Life of James Madison
  • History 234: Insights into the Life of John Adams
  • History 235: Insights into the Life of Samuel Adams
  • History 320: Towards a One-World Order