Israel Trip Preparation Checklist

April 14th-28th, 2020


Dates: April 14th-28th, 2020

Location: Israel

Trip Information: Click here to view all information related to the trip.


Trip Coordinator: Jacob Householder – (480) 599-8572 | [email protected]

President: Dr. Glenn J. Kimber – [email protected]


1. Express Interest

Let us know your interested at: (under “Application”) or join our Israel Outreach Trips Facebook group.

2. Commit & Apply

When you are fully committed, apply here: (under “Application”).
It’s recommended that you complete this step after the dates for the trip are confirmed.

3. Receive Acceptance Letter

The Columbus Center team will review your application and send a packet of information signifying your acceptance into our outreach program.

4. Complete Critical Forms

You will be sent travel forms by mail. These include medical release, liability, and non-proselyting agreement forms. Please return them filled and signed to Glenn Kimber at PO Box 10 Grouse Creek, Utah 84313 or as PDFs to [email protected]. The forms can also be downloaded here:

5. Submit Travel Information

Complete the International Travel Information Form here: (under “International Travel”).

6. Join the Group Chat

Download WhatsApp on your smartphones and join our chat group by clicking here: (New link coming soon. It will be posted here and in our Israel Outreach Trips Facebook group).

7. Pack!

Review the Packing List here: (under “Packing List”).

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